Benefits of Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Naturally you want your home looking, smelling and feeling fresh - afterall this is where you spend most of your time. 


We tend to find that customers want to have their carpet or upholstery cleaning for many reasons:


Whether it be:


- Time for the 6-18 month carpet or upholstery clean

- Deodorising of smells from pets, food or just general day to day living

- End of Tenancy Cleaning

- Removal of tread marks or stains

- Maintaining a guarantee on a carpet

- Prolonging the life of the carpet

- Dust mite removal

- or many more...


We recommend cleaning carpets and upholstery every 6-12 if you have pets or children with mucky fingers, or every 12-18 months for normal living conditions.  This should ensure carpets and upholstery are always in great condition and fresh.

One of the main reasons we recommend regular cleaning is due to prolonging the life of the carpet.  Dirt and soil create a friction when walked on.  The friction creates greater wear and tear on the carpet, which could reduce its lifespan - meaning regular cleaning is cost effective against the cost of buying a new carpet.  














An amazing deep clean process...

At Ideal-Clean we have developed a multi-stage process to deep clean your carpet whilst using a bactercidical deodoriser as standard to leave your carpet not only beautifully deep cleaned - but smelling fresh.


We're very proud of the process we use and customers have rated us a five stars in all reviews and recomendations. 









The process we follow involves not simply coming in with a big machine to apply and extract the cleaning solution.  We go way beyond that rather basic level of cleaning, by following the deep clean process outlined in the pictorial 9 steps below.  


This leaves you with the best clean at a lower to middle of the range price!  You win, because you get great, long lasting results, from a high-end process that doesn't cost the earth!  We win, because we get more happy customers and a sense of leaving customers delighted. 




































Feel free to contact us for a friendly, no pressure, no obligation quote for all of you carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.


We're honest, customer focused and all pricing is absolutely transparent. Unlike some others, you wont be quoted more on the day of the work being completed for a more thorough clean.  A thorough professional clean comes as standard with Ideal-Clean. Our pricing includes a full and thorough end to end service inclusive of all stains, spot removal, bactercidical deodorising etc - yet is still a low to middle of the range price. 


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